Western Sunrise Integrative Energy Collaborative (WESIEC) is both a forum for and agent of possibility. WESIEC foresees as an obligation the forging of Fresh Horizons of hope and discovery via the removal of obstructions to New or Renewed Balance. By utilizing the blessings of an individual’s innate pliability, coupled with the use of curative expression, and the expansion of our perceptual frames, persons are often able to counter the obstacles that thwart the manifestation of adaptive healing.

These expressions/recommendations may be found within the platform of our: ”Heart-Talk” blog space featuring either our commentary or commentary from others regarding current events. However, further curative expressions may be found in the embodiment of sacred or poetic articulations that are intentionally drawn upon to bring about restorative feelings and some semblance of symptom relief.

Nonetheless, if meaningful ease is too difficult to grasp then possibly via our “Coaching or Mediation” (Peace Talk) services or by way of specific clinical endeavors via our “Concierge Therapeutic Care” offering with a fully licensed clinician may be required or more appropriate to arrest, deconstruct or at least dilute these issues via psychological therapeutics and treatment interventions.

However, some persons may find sufficient symptom respite by way of simply “dis-charging” or “down-grading” negative energies of certain behaviors or discomforts through the medium of Energetic or Vibrational therapeutics. Or they may choose to pursue a pervasive sense of balance utilizing certain energy prescriptions and exercises from Medical Qi-gong treatments.

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