Perspective for a “New Realization”

As-Salaamu Alaikum Family :

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem:
In the beautiful Surah Al-Mulk ( The Dominion #67), ALLAH THE MOST HIGH states:
“Blessed is HE in Whom lies sovereignty, and HE is Powerful over all things. Who created death and life that HE may try you as to which of you is most virtuous in conduct, and HE is the MIGHTY the FORGIVING!”

There are so very many jewels of wisdom and guidance intellectual, political and psycho-spiritual coping practices embedded within these few beginning ayats.

At the outset, HE THE MOST HIGH declares HIS authority and despite how things may appear to us HE has control .

Our assumptive world of doing, pretending and being have been turned upside down; exposed or at least put on pause.
Or allow me to employ a popular street yet instructive vernacular for those of us who may still be baffled~ ALLAH is not asleep, unaware nor has HE been outwitted, so: Don’t Get it Twisted!


The linearity of our thinking presumably has been that life comes before death yet, here in the early portion of the Surah that “norm” perhaps “ new” to many of us has been challenged by the obvious current indices of global fatalities. ALLAH declares HIS having created death before life!

EXTRAORDINARY! This extraordinary time obliges us to lay down our ordinary ways of being because although the circumstances have changed the
mantle of our responsibility as leaders “Khulafa” not only has remained but it’s also grown.

Therapeutically speaking, if we just reflect a bit, our “ cognition” ( thinking) directs our behaviors so the Cognitive Behavioral paradigm we should try on offers a perspective for a“ new realization”.

We’ve been invited to take on a “ new lens, a new alignment & focus; HE has created for us a “new” way of deciphering meaning and transformative possibility! NOW!!

Lastly, from a crisis interventionist perspective on this mundane plain of existence thewhile we perhaps must acknowledge the “ranking of death”over life by some persons (who may just be pessimistic , clinically depressed and or may have suicidal/ despair,) that we are attuned to the sound of a sense of future coming. We’re aware of the coming of Possibility and Opportunity over present Circumstance because HE (The Most High) is : “ THE MIGHTY , THE FORGIVING “!!

IT’S A NEW DAY, A NEW TIME.” When WE Change the way WE LOOK at things the THINGS WE LOOK AT CHANGE!!

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