Concierge Therapy Care is our primary therapeutic traditional service that we provide to our clients wanting or needing to address various specific and routine related issues such as depression, rage, stress, anxiety, grief, relationship, anger, confidence, traumatic memory, domestic violence,  motivation, assertiveness, disturbing dreams and other various issues… While we do offer a few different holistic mediums prescriptively for healing, we firmly believe that all change and transformation ultimately come down to self-change. When a seeker discovers an earnest desire to change, to transform themselves either through inspiration or desperation, the divine process and the sacred unveiling has begun. Our task is to collaboratively work to potentiate those latent energies to come to the fore, such that at last, persons who are now leaning into their journey are amazed to discover that the relief they have been seeking can most often be found located at the juncture of their Intentions and Attentions.

Services we offer:




Medical Qi-Gong: