I approach most counseling issues from a perspective that most people are doing the best they can with what they believe and perceive. Hence, the context for most of our pain as human beings and our well-being is found within the meanings we code our experiences with and the relationship spheres we foster. Therefore, above all the various strategies I may find the need to employ on behalf of my client, the most impactful of all of these is that of using the compassionate connection we build with each other as being an empowered context and catalyst to generate the flow of new possibility.

People are saddled with a matrix of problematic anger issues masquerading as stress. This gradually leads them to having made unconscious devaluing or disempowering life agreements. When people become woefully stressed and ineffective in their connections with others, it impedes their “flow” of intentionality. However functional improvements can be made with a tailored approach for each person.

Therapy has been predominantly represented as being a talking paradigm. Although of great value, yet much information, can be gained; much resolution, empowerment, growth enhancements can be obtained via the employment of non-talking, energetic therapeutics. Clients, just like other humans are really unique. I simply do not believe that a one size therapy rule of thumb fits all.