Qi-gong is an ancient system of therapeutic body movements / exercises, meditations, sound prescriptions and breathing techniques. These techniques stimulate and activate the flow of qi (chee), or life-force energies along energy pathways in the body called acupuncture or acupressure meridians.

This ancient system of restorative healing techniques traces its origins to ancient China and still further back to ancient Kemet under the name of Ka’at Ibi. It should also be mentioned that while within the sphere of WESIEC we solely focus and apply these healing algorithms from primarily a psycho- therapeutic approach (Medical Qi-gong), yet,several of them have definite martial arts dimensional applications as well.

We employ Medical Qi-gong techniques in combination with traditional / alternative psycho-therapeutic interventions or as separate stand-alone mechanisms towards the goal of eroding the negative and effects of: toxic anger, grief, anxiety and depression, while also improving blood flow and the enhancement of immune function etc…

Our Medical Qi-gong therapist holds a masters’ level certification from the: East Coast Institute of Medical Qi-gong.